Sunday, April 5, 2009

The gems of Heredia

There are quite a few places in Heredia that deserve a visit if one should ever travel to the town.  I decided it was necessary to list these places where my friends and I had a lot of fun!

Hipermas is the Wal-Mart owned superstore in Heredia.  Dana and I walked to Hipermas on our way home from school (quite a hike, as Hipermas is a while away from the Intercultura school) for our random necessities we didn't bring, like extra shampoo, snacks, etc.  Hipermas has a small restaurant side to it, so if you're hungry (which we were!), you can stop for a snack, too.  The place is HUGE and extremely crowded, but it was really neat to see what a third-world Wal-Mart is like.  Plus, we were able to buy things here that we really needed

the view of the sunset.. taken right outside Hipermas!

The Pet Shop
Dana and I also found the cutest pet shop a couple blocks away from the Intercultura.  Here, they are extremely relaxed when it comes to their customers, so Dana and I could just walk in and play with the little puppies in the window.  We had a fun afternoon on our way to school with a 6-week-old pair of Terriers, Dachshunds, and a little Chihuahua puppy.

they were so cute!

Clothing & Shoe Stores
There are quite a few great buys to be found in some of the many clothing stores on the sidewalks of Heredia.  I have about 5 dresses and shirts that constantly get compliments in the states, which I only paid bottom dollar for.  I also found a great pair of shoes for very cheap that I still love!

The Marketplace
On our way home from school, we decided the marketplace we saw on our tour deserved a closer look.  When we visited on our own, we realized how much fresh fruit we could buy for very little money.  Here, we bought raspberries, starfruit (carambola), and blackberries (mora).  Yum!

POPS is an awesome ice cream shop right near Hipermas.  Here, I was able to get a cup of Brownie Dynamite flavored ice cream for only the equivalent of $1.50!  This would have cost around $3.50 at a Coldstone in the states, and my ice cream was just as good.

Dana and her yummy POPS ice cream!

The Movie Theaters
When we had  little to do at night, Wednesday night movie deals were perfect.  Wednesday nights in Heredia are all about the movies, and we went and saw two movies while in Heredia.  One of those included Indiana Jones, which was shown in English with Spanish subtitles!


  1. next summer when i am in Costa Rica, i am going to use your blog as a travel guide, the more i read the more i get excited about going!!!

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  3. these are great tips on Costa Rica, I went to Intercultura in May and this is a great way for people to be more aware! :) and POPS is great ice cream :)